What does High Fashion?

You may already hear, at least once, the high fashion term in your daily life. But what does high fashion really mean? Its refers to exclusive clothes that are made with high quality material, had extensive details, made by experience sewer, limited in quantity and sold on high price. If you ever didn’t hear it term beforehand, you may ever heard the term, haute couture. Yes, haute couture has the same meaning with high of fashion and it is French term.

For simple understanding, it is the clothes that you will never or, safe to say, rarely found their duplicate. For example you come to the designer and expert sewer and ask them to make a dress for you then that dress is considered as high of fashion. Another example if you buy the dress that are mass production though it is from famous brand the dress cannot be considered as high fashion. Because of the exclusiveness, that is why high fashion tend to become the trend setter.

In fashion world, fashion’s high or haute couture committee had specific rules for any designers who want to become the member of couture house and have the right using the term haute couture in their advertisement. The designers should have a capability to make a made-to-order design for private clients, the designer should have a workshop in Paris with at least fifteen staffs and twenty technical people work in there, and the designers should publish the new collection of at least fifty original idea of daywear and eveningwear gown every fashion season. Why high fashion is so expensive? Because high fashion is prominent on perfection and originality of the design. The luxurious material with beads, gems or jewel that need an excellent craftsmanship also another factor that makes high fashion is expensive.

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