Vintage Hack: Clothing Styles for Men

Many people ask why you buy the vintage clothes, if you are able to buy the new high street fashion simply because you can afford it. Well, one of the clothing styles for men 101 is that you look for the style, and that shouldn’t always mean you can spend your month salary on the bags of clothes. It is possible, and allowed, but you surely can find good stuff in vintage shop too. In the mid 1970s, buying vintage becomes one of the culture because of the hip of Britpop. It goes till now that many people still love to shop vintage.

First thing that you should consider about buying vintage is when the clothes come. The vintage shop normally has one day off the week in which they stock everything in and if you come the day after you will have plenty of options. It will be even better to visit the mid of the week in which shop will be rather quiet and you can enjoy your mix and match before finally buy something. If the shop has the online platform like Facebook or twitter, make sure you check on their postings to see what do they have now and make sure they are fully stocked on the day you plan to come.

Having your favorite vintage jacket but it smells ew!, do not worry, now you can take your vodka. Not to drink but you will have the vodka helping you to get rid of the smell. How can vodka help to get rid of the smell? Well you can have the spray bottle and fill it with your vodka. Use it like you use the perfume spray, and hang your vintage newly bought clothes in the well ventilated room for 24 hours. Next morning, find the clothes without awful smell and you can wash it well before using it. If the smell still there but less, try to do the vodka spray one more time.

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