The Most Popular Women Summer Fashion Trends

The clothing for summer fashion trends is more diverse starts from models, motives, and the colors. The trend for fashion is according to seasonal changes. Sweater, jacket, and coat are the style for winter season. And for summer season, the style may be more various.
Floral, The floral outfit can create the feminine style. Flower motif is very unique because these motifs provide a mix of colors and designs that are different from the others. You can look more girly and feminine with the floral dress. With this motif, you will look more playful. This outfit is suitable for the non-formal moment for example hang-out with friends, dating, and many more.

Gingham is also known as a plaid motif. At first Gingham motif is only used as a motif tablecloth on a picnic. But along with the changing of the times and trends in the clothing more widespread, gingham motif also becomes one of the clothing motives which is very popular among the people of the world. Many people confuse about the difference between the gingham and tartan motif because it was almost like a second motif by blending lines. Gingham pattern colored boxes that are stacked crosswise like a chessboard, while the tartan is a plaid with multiple levels of color which are arranged in stacked horizontally and vertically.

Line pattern is very popular in all seasons, whether it is rainy or summer. It also is very enduring motif throughout the ages because of the mix of colors and also the size of the lone that can make the people look more style and cool. The motif stripes or lines are very popular also because it can give a different impression to the body.

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Geometric motif is the motive with the basic shape, which usually has a formula in the geometry such as rectangles, triangles, circles, kiteand other forms. It will be more interesting if the outfit is combined with geometric motifs, for example circles with boxes, because it willproduce a more attractive appearance.

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