The Make-up and the Accessories Trends of 20s Fashion

Beside the iconic fashion style, 20s fashion also had iconic hair style, make-up style and accessories style. So let’s see what they were. 1920s is the new era of freedom for women with loose dress and boyish look as the trademark. Hairstyle from the era is influenced by the same freedom. The short, page bob style were the popular style in that decade when more actresses adopted the hair style in their movies. Cloche hats was one item that should not be forgotten as the icon item from the 1920s fashion.

The make-up trends in the 1920s was the cupid bow lips (lipstick was applied until the upper lips looked like a bow), cheeks that were rouged heavily, and eyes that were shadowed by kohl. Lingerie also had changed in 1920s. When in the past decade corset was still used, in the 1920 lingerie had changed into thin, soft, transparent fabrics that were low cut so women could use it under their evening gown. Silk, sati, and rayon were the main material of lingerie in the era. When the hemline rose in the ‘20s, the exposure of the legs made the hosiery and stockings were popular. The stockings manufacture made the height of sold because of it.

T-straps, pumps, and ankle straps are the three kinds of women’s shoes that are popular in the 1920s. Andrea Perugia and Salvatore Ferragamo were the names of famous shoe designers in the 20s. The one piece swimsuit with body hugging clothes was introduced in the 20s though the material, usually the swimsuit were made from wool, were used in the era still not suited for swimming. The 1920s fashion was the iconic fashion era when the feminine and modern were combined and changed the women’s fashion style into something chic that represented freedom to women.

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