The History of Fashion Jeans

The story of fashion jeans firstly appeared from a man named Levi Strauss a young man who came from Germany. He went to San Francisco in 1874 bringing some pieces of textile to sell on West. At that era, United State of America was holding the gold mine. And Strauss tried his luck by selling the jeans fabric for the miners.

By his success, then Strauss began to produce the jeans with lots amount. And the miners also looked for the jeans because it the material is durable, strong, and suitable for the miners at that time. And the miners called the jeans as the Levi’s jeans which mean the jeans that made and sold by Levi. After that, it had been declared that Levi’s as the trademark of the first jeans in the world. In a very short time, jeans made by Levi became the official pants for the miners in America. This pant became very popular in America and it became the standard of economic status in the lower class. Levi’s Waist Overall became the most popular jeans product with high demand in the south part in America in 1920. And today, it development replaces with the material with denim. But most people still called it jeans.

The usage of jeans as fashion is developing more during the World War. At that time, the entire soldier wore jeans as the uniform. In 1950, jeans became the must have item in young people in America. It is supported by an artist named James Dean who wore jeans at that time, at it became fashion trend among young people. The jeans fashion doesn’t stop. It is more improving in 1960, 1970 as the hippy style. At that time, jeans was combining with embroidery and painting for the fashion style. Now the jeans have been really able to get into the entire communitywithout looking at the status. And Levi Strauss created the human civilization by creating the fashion trend.

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