The Clothing Style in 1950s Fashion

Today, the 1950s fashion contributed many vintage styles in what people wear. This fashion style is developing in many parts such as the fabrics, colors, models, and patterns. And today, the fashion is moving around especially for female. The style of fashion in 1950s in dominated with all parts, such as

• Dress
In 1950, the style of the dress was similar like the ballerina dress. The dress is focus on the waist because it fives the feminine impression and the body will look like the hourglass. Plain dresses, floral and dresses with pattern were very popular at that time. More than that, the cocktail dress was the most favorite one. The fashion at that era was also dominated with the belt.

• Skirt
Mini skirt, pants, and shorts were the fashion style in fifties. Besides skirts, the knee length skirts with little volume were also the option for female teenagers at that era.

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• Shoes
About 1940 until 1960, stiletto was the style of shoes for girls at that time. Moreover, the casual oxford shoes were wearing for casual moment.

• Hat
Hat was also fashionable accessories for women at that time. The women believed that by wearing hat can add the final touch of glamor and as the outfit for the women. The pillbox hat was popular in 1950. It was first introduced by the Balenciaga and it became the trend in that decade. The fashion style in that decade was fulfilling with some cap covered in flower petals while others are decorated with blobsgeorgette.

• Gloves
Gloves are also used frequently by women, especially those from elite social status in 1920 until 1980. Some are made of cotton which is more affordable than leather or nylon. Although gloves come in a variety of colors and style but white or cream was the most preferred. Furtrimmings and collars decorated also fashionable.

1950s fashion

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