The Clothes and the Trends of 70s Fashion

The 70s fashion is one of famous retro styles that still liven up by present designers in their clothes designs or in the catwalk themes. In the beginning 70s fashion was continuing the 60s fashion, however gradually it had new trademarks that made 70s fashion became an iconic fashion era.


 70s fashion trends

In the a couple years of 70s decade, the influence of 60s fashion still strong. Hippie looks which were the Mexican blouse, maxi dresses with bright colors, floral or Indian patterns, leather, feather accessories are the 70s fashion trends. Boots and mini skirt also in the height of popularity in the early 1970s. In the mid of 1970s, hippie looks would cease gradually, changed by casual looks. The loose t-shirt and jeans becoming trends with the sneakers and tennis headbands as the accessories. Still in the mid of 1970s tailored styles changed women’s fashion into semi-formal looks. Women would wear a couple layers like blazer over the blouse or tunic dress with the pants underneath. The boots that were hot in the early 70s still popular in the mid of 70s though the shape of it was changed more heavy, chunky and rounder.
The end of 1970s was the beginning era of scandalous fashion where skin was more showing. It was because the loose t-shirt and couple layer of clothes makes some women frustrated not capable showing their best figures. Tube tops, lower cut pants, sundress, tight skirt, halter-neck shirt, strapless tops are the examples of the clothes in the end of 70s. Gold color and shiny satin were popular for the clothes or accessories in the era. Women in the end of 70s still liked with wedges boots or ankle boots. The end of 70s was also the era when young generations crazy for discoing in the night club. The flared jeans, strapless tops, tube tops, maxi skirts with thigh slits were the favorite disco costumes in that era.

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70s fashion 70\s fashion

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