Mens Summer Fashion from Spring Summer 2016

London, Milan, and Paris are the city of fashion where the world class fashion week took place in. The looks of the designers create every years has always make all year style not only in the city of fashion but all around the world. The fashion week is not only showcasing the women’s wear and dresses, but also the mens summer fashion especially for the spring and summer. Have you had any idea what is that menswear all about this year? We will take a look on some of the styles brought by the designer of you favor.

Cuban collar become one of the light of the wear this season. Going back to the 1950 and remembering your old daddy’s short sleeve shirt, you will find them in the Spring Summer 2016. With the warmer temperature and the loose of the summer coming up soon, you can put the light weight sirt with the different catchy looking Cuban collar for the mens summer fashion. Not only that, but we can also bring some colors to the front, for example green. Having green in series of seasons, this year it finally has its time to show. The color takes same shades from different hues that used together with some accessories to balance the color. From the light green, olive, and dark army green could be found in the style this year. Some names like Valentino, Burberry Prosum, Hermes, etc are the guard of this style.

Trousers also become of the style this year. Forget the pipe long trousers, as we are going all the way loose to the baggy trousers. Just as the greenery colors, baggy pants are already on the table for years, but this year finally they have the highlight on them, some of designers taking baggy into the mens summer fashion are Fendi, Giorgio Armani, E Tautz, etc.

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