Korean Outfits On The Rise

Fashion is changing every season. It is true that many brands sustain their position and the trend maker, but some are fading away for some reason or just popping up this season but never heard of it anymore. This rise and set of the fashion happens also to the Korean outfits that we know some of their local brands are going international with big and broad number of customer, not to mention that many of those local brands are showing up in the Paris Fashion Week, Milan, or London for many occasion and reportedly become the eye catching show for many fashion lovers to see the Asian touch in the runaways.


Korean outfits is known to be candy and stylish. Different from Harajuku style from Japan, Korean fashion combine what the modern style with the local resource and perfect cutting for small body. As we see in the Korean dramas in TV, watching the actors and actress is like watching the cute candy parade of daily wear but still looks very stylish, yet fit to be used every day for work, school, and even just hanging out having coffee. The Korean fashions are influenced mostly by Japan and America. Having a dream to dress like the casual American youth but hardly find size that fits well, Korean outfits developer try to create many brands that answer what the Korean needs and wants but in affordable price and their petite size of body.

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The brand of Korean outfits are now more into the shard edgy androgyny looks for the girl and somehow very unisexual for the guys but has the smart guy line, which makes the fashion style is very interested. A simple layering in Korean style of fashion can be artistic and interesting. A girl with on bun on the top of the head with rounded sunglasses, in the black top crop and newspaper skirt layered with the black bomber jacket and white sneakers. Playing with monochrome but still playful? Korean does.

korean girls winter fashion style

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