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Korean wave is spreading all over the world, from the South to the North, from the East to the West. It is easy to find Korean touch in many aspects in our life now. The music we have in radio, the drama we see in TV, the dances competition, food travel, and even fashion are all related to something from the small East Asian peninsula, the South Korean. Since we are all fascinated by the Korean wave, we cannot also deny the Korean clothing brand that, even though, yet become the world fashion line, but very famous and you need to know some of those brands. The importance of the Korean clothing can be seen most on the online apparel.


Some of the Korean clothing brand that you need to know as one of the basic knowledge as they are actually pretty great for the daily wear, as they are mostly comfortable, simple, and stylish. Now for the first we have 87MM. founded by Wonjoong Kim, Chan Kim, and Jiwoon Park, 87MM is one of the high listed fashion brand in Korea. Starting from the online platform in which they got big welcome, they finally open a physical store that sold out everything in only 4 days. The more stunning news is that 87MM was already presenting their collection in the Paris fashion Week 2014 for Summer and Spring.

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One of the western styles in Korean clothing brand but fits to the Asian body size is the Covernat. Starting in 2008, Covernat was inspired by the American work wear which is cool, but somehow doesn’t fit with the Asian type of body. Branding it first time with the pair of denim, now Covernat is covering the clothing from classic America and Japanese inspired style which focused on the Asian body.

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