Journey to the Past, Looking for 1920s Fashion

In the era of 1920s, fashion world passed the borderline that mark the modern era. The 1920s fashion was a decade when women tried to throw away the restricted clothes from the past decades and wore the comfortable clothes that made them moving freely. Not only on the women’s fashion, but also on the men’s fashion. Formal attire no longer became trend fashion, it was change by the sport clothing. Until now 1920s fashion still become the trademark in the fashion world and the inspiration to designers and fashionistas creating the high end fashion trends.

The iconic style in the ‘20s was the flapper look. An accentuated S line because of corset in conservative clothes from the Edwardian age was changed by the dress that hung from the shoulder with no bust line and the dropped waist line. The loose belt then become the essential item in the flapper clothes of the 1920s fashion. The 1920s was an era that women were getting the freedom in every aspects. The boyish look and straight line were the trends in that era and finally the trouser for women was introduced in these era.

The exposure of women’s legs was another significant change from the 1920s fashion. The hemline rose up above the knees makes the hosiery and stocking were famous. The daily daywear for women in 1920s was the blouse, pleated knee-length skirts, loose belt that dropped waist line to the hip, the loose cardigan and the cloche hat as accessories. Women were enjoying dancing in evening party with the fringy, low cut back mini dress. Luxurious fur shawl and long pearl necklace was the trends accessories for the evening wear in the 1920s fashion. The women fashion designers who are famous from the 1920s era are Coco Chanel who was famous with the little black dress, Jeanne Levine who introduce the term of garconne looks, Elsa Schiaparelli and Sonia Delauney.

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1920s fashion

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