Japanese Fashion Trends 2016 Winter

Japanese Fashion Trends 2016 Winter

Taking a little break and let yourself wander around the Harajuku’s street to know what kind of fashion line that the street has it now. The Harajuku style has known to be distinct combined with somehow unusual combination, very vivid, yet capturing what is it all about on the Japanese fashion trends. The raise of trend changes every year but it is not a legend that Harajuku one become the world fever just as Korean nowadays. The way out to express yourself in the way you’d like to do it. More like the street


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fashion rather than runaway, to be honest. Not because they aren’t good enough, simply because they have more line on everyday use, apart from the cost play of course.

Winter 2016, Harajuku turns out to be the pink land for the new style which is the reborn of vintage Ralph Lauren tennis cap, but in pink. Yeah they are pink in many Harajuku stores now, because of the hype of pink tennis cap as Japanese fashion trends. It can be seen from the most popular Harajuku store for the girls and young woman in Japan: WEGO, Spinns, and Bubble. Actually the caps that they are offering are not only the pink caps, they have various color form black, white, khaki, cream, pink, and also yellow, purple, and other pastel colors. The caps aren’t just plain, but some has this embroidery text, small picture, or logo.

The addition of cap in the Japanese fashion trends which is the pink cap, turns the clothing into more sporty looks, combine with the tees inside, some add bomber jacket, simple jumper, or even winter jacket. One looks which is our favorite will be from Flappers Club bringing the idea of high waist short drapery skirt, black or white sweater and the cap. The washed pink colored hair will surely match with the style.


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