How to Draw Clothes for the Newly Designer

For someone who still new into fashion designing world, the information about how to draw clothes is really essential. It is because this drawing is classified as the main media to express their ideas before turning them into the real form of clothes. But, apparently not everyone has good skill of drawing. So sometimes they give up on designing even before the process is started. This thing is such an unfortunate since their ideas will be wasted away without any further realization. So, to avoid this thing happen in the future, here are the simple steps to draw clothes for beginner.

The early step of making to do draw clothes is creating the croquis. Croquis is model’s pose basic drawing that can be traced repeatedly during the sketching process. If you have difficulty in drawing figure, you can start it by creating the balance line, the first straight line from the head to toe that reflects model’s center of gravity. Next, draw the circle on top of the line as the basic form of head. Then, create the pelvic area by making a square on where the pelvic naturally placed. After that, draw the shoulder and torso of the model. Extend the line of torso upward from both pelvic square corners.

After getting the basic drawing, the next step of building to draw a dress is do sketching itself. Start to draw the head of the model with the help of the round shape that you drew before. Make it as natural as possible. Then, go downward to the neck and arms. Make the neck in half size of the head-length and third the shoulder’s width, while the arms should have longer proportion than the real ones to create stylish impression. After it’s done, it will get the right drawing of model’s upward body. So, continue to draw the downward of it. To make the slim impression, draw the leg in the longest size of other body parts. And also, don’t forget to portion it in two pieces, tights and calves.

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After you got above picture correctly, the next step is expressing your ideas into this basic sketch. Draw the accessories and clothes as you imagine. Here, the good senses of making illustration are really needed. So, you better to learn about how to dram wrinkles, folds, pleats, and also pattern. After that, put some color in your sketch as the final touch and it is done. Finally, that’s all of the steps of creating drawing clothes, and hopefully it will be useful in developing your sketching skill.

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