Get the Vintage Look with 1980s Fashion

1980s fashion is not to be forgotten from our memories. Surely we still remember with some fashion items that are well known in the year. No faded denim, leg warmers, dress with neon colors, and pads for the shoulders. It turns out all the fashion item is still favored until now. This year, the fashion of these items can be combined with a modern outfit that makes you look more perfect. Here are some fashion items that will display vintage impression on your appearance:

• Shoulder pads
In 1980, it will be very difficult to find a blouse or jacket without shoulder pads because the accent is very popular with many people. Shoulder pads posture can make a person become taller and broader.

• Large sweater
Sweater existing in earlier times its size certainly never conform to the shape of the body, but the sweater that is measured is always greater than the size of the body. You can wear a sweater typical 1980’s with tight leggings that will make you look cool and comfortable.

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• Neon colors
This color has been around since 1980. At the fashion show in New York, the color is also exhibited and made a lot of people interested in this striking color.

• Big earrings
In 1980, Madonna has big popularity. Almost everyone knows this artist. Madonna was much admired and whatever he wears will be a trendsetter. One of the accessories he uses is a big earring. However, these accessories remain the trend until now.

• Mini skirt
This skirt has a short form and tight. This skirt popularity has never decreased. You can combine a mini-skirt with a cool booth shoes.

• Gloves
Gloves are aimed to keep hands to keep warm. But in 1980, there are gloves that do not protect the finger. Gloves only protects wrist. These gloves are actually pretty worn with the dress when you attend a party at night.

• Shiny leggings
Leggings are trending in earlier times was colored metallic leggings. These leggings are made of leather or synthetic material with a striking color.

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