French Fashion Ideas To Dress Like Stylish French Women

Even though French is not the only country that is known as  leading countries in fashion, still you can ignore that French plays huge part for fashion aside from other countries like USA, Japan, and some others. Anyway, do you want to experience French fashion? To make yourself as fashionable as French women, some ideas herein, it may help you. Probably, you find it weird, but mostly French women will ignore to follow common trends, but build their own signature. Obviously, you need to maintain your beauty, but beauty doesn’t always equal with the latest trend.


Put your focus on the things that look pretty on you rather than you bother yourself with the notion of recent trends. French fashion, in fact, teaches women to understand their own asset. So then, they know what is good for them what is not without relying too much on recent trends. You can start from Breton striped shirt, you can combine it with almost anything from jeans to skirt or high heels to flats, you choose which one that really is you. Another versatile cloth material for women is trench coat. And you know what? French women always consider trench coat as part of their collection.

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French fashion will never be separated with neutral color, such as black, beige, white, and many others. The reason it is not because they hate vivid color, but sticking on neutral color, they have freedom to wear vibrant and more crowded pattern for their bag, shoes, or scarf. Not to mention, you hardly make mistake as neutral color goes well in almost any color and pattern when you mix it. In short, if you want to make yourself as stylish as French women, you need to know yourself first. In many instances, think about what body shape you have, what kind of design that looks great while you wear it, and so on.

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