Fashion Week Spring 2016 Trends

The fashion week spring 2016 is just ended by the final show in Paris. Featured with many big mode industries, this fashion week has presented many interesting presentations that have succeeded in attracting the attention of fashion people around the world. And from all these presentation, we can see several interesting trends that are applied by some high profile designers. These are the trends that you’re going to see to be used by many celebrities and supermodel in couple of month later. So, if you want to appear more fashionable during this spring, you can use these trends as inspiration for your own style.

The first trend of spring’s fashion week 2016 is the Victorians concept. Especially in Paris, many designers apply this concept in their portfolio for this season’s collection. So, something like puffy sleeves, ruffles, flowers, and high-collar neckline are the common things that used by the models to walk on the runway during the fashion week. These ornaments are also featured with sheer materials that will expose the silhouettes of the body to create the sexy impression. Moreover, to bring the warm spring, these collections are covered by neutral color and some floral motives. Therefore, with this trend, you are definitely going to attract people’s attention with the ornaments that moves gracefully by the spring wind.

Second, the trend comes to the bra tops. This trend can be seen mostly in Paris, where the designers presented many kinds of bra top in their presentations. Here, we can see the models walk on the runway wearing this item with or without layering at all. And in some segment, this item will appear in high-fashioned when it combined with high-waist pants, long robes, and transparent top. But, on the other parts of the world, New York and Milan for example, most of designers are more focused on creating attractive slip dress with bright color as the undergarments item to be used as day wear.

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Lastly, the trend that you can apply to appear fashionably in this year’s spring is jumpsuit. The trend of this elegant dress is not going to fade soon. That’s why many mode industrial still bring this trend into this year’s spring fashion week. But, in this time, the jumpsuit with the white palette comes as the popular one. Featured with the simple cut, this item will bring elegant and classy look to the user. Overall, the FWS 2016 trends are mostly filled with the feminine-cut dress and colorful palette to create the warm impression of a spring.


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