Fashion Tips Short Girls Should Know

Fashion tips are needed to guide you in mixing and matching what you already had in a wardrobe. Each people, especially women, meet their own problems related to face, the shape of the body, the waist size, or even the size. Lucky for taller women since they are blessed, according to others, and they are able to wear almost dresses and outfits. But what about short girls? Well, sometimes they face some problems relating to their size and they need some guidance of fashion that they need should do, don’t and avoid. So following are some tips for short girls for they look more beautiful, stunning and adorable.

High heels are the best friend of women’s around the world. And it is so familiar and obvious to recommend a short girl to wear high heels. No matter what inches of these shoes you are wearing. The point is high heels make a short girl looks taller. However, if you are not so comfortable wearing stilettos, maybe you should try having wedge shoes. This type of shoes wouldn’t make you tired faster, and helps to stand with balanced. So all this time you wear clothes in two or three colors. It is fine with the way you dress, but don’t you know wearing a dress in one color from head to toe makes your body seem long? It is better to try it soon!

High-waisted styles make women look slimmer, indeed. But these styles are also useful for short girls and women. It is all about proportions when a short girl ‘wants’ to look taller. She is allowed to wear high-waisted skirts, pants, or shorts as these stuffs are able to bring optical illusion. Hey, short girl, be ready to have ‘longer’ legs with high-waisted styles! Again, proportions play an important rule when you are looking for the right pants. Don’t be surprised but a short girl will perfectly suit with flared jeans in boot cut.

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