Fashion Merchandising: Important Part of Fashion World

Fashion merchandising is an activity consisting of planning, development, and procurement dress in accordance with the target market, meet customer needs and provide those needs in time and the right amount and an affordable price. An MD (Merchandiser) has the slightly different in each company, but essentially they are the same task of providing barrage and sell goods. Here are the three main things that must be done by MD:

• Best Price
An MD should be able to get the best price for an item. MD should be able to negotiate with suppliers for the purchase price will be related to the selling price. If the MD to buy goods at high prices, then the sale price to the consumer is also high and the company cannot raise prices of goods suddenly.

• Quality
An MD should be able to create a balance between price and quality of goods because the goods have good quality to be accepted by consumers. For it will require cooperation with various parties ranging from quality control, supplier development to work on the goods ordered MD.

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• Delivery time
Timeliness is indispensable in every shipment. Delivery of goods shall be in accordance with a predetermined time period. In the fashion industry, there are two seasons the peak season and low season. Peak season usually occurs at certain moments like Eid, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and so forth. At the time of the sale will be crowded and MD must ensure the goods are sold arrive on time. If the goods purchased arrive late, the company will lose money because the peak season is over.

MD must have good communication skills because of the work done with regards to parties outside the company. They should be able to negotiate the price in a proper way so that the company can purchase goods at an affordable price. An MD must be firmly associated with product quality and delivery time of goods. Although the firm, an MD should not be fierce, they should still be able to communicate well so that outside parties feel comfortable working with the company. An MD is obliged to conduct market research on behavior in order to determine the needs or desires of consumers.

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