Fashion Illustration Templates for Realistic Result

For a designer, the skill of drawing fashion illustration is important. With this skill, they will be able to express their idea before bringing it into real clothes. This is why many new designers working so hard on learning to make good templates with their own hand, even actually there are a lot of computer applications that offers this function nowadays. It is because with this hand-illustrating skill, they will be able to draw their fashion template simply, quickly, plus with more authentic result. Therefore, if you want to learn about how to do this thing correctly, the explanation below could be so helpful in guiding you to create a good illustration template for better fashion design.

The first step in making realistic it is finding the basic structure of the model’s body. To begin it, find the right body proportion that you want to draw. Since you are going to create realistic illustration, you better to choose the realistic body proportion too, not the ‘Barbie’ kind of figure. Next, draw the vertical line as the body’s axis. Here, you need to consider the balance of weight distribution and pose. And then, draw the body line as wireframe. Use this wireframe to draw the torso, legs, and also arms. After you’ve done with it, erase the mainframe, so it remains only the figure of the model.

Second, refine your fashion template with more details. Most of the fashion designers usually go to the body part first before others, so they will be able to get to the main part of designing, drawing the clothes, as soon as possible. This is the main reason of why most fashion designers prefer the simpler sketch with not much detail on it. But, however, this option is really about personal taste. Some designer may do the same thing, but some others may create their illustration in detail to add the realistic appearance on the design. This is why we often see some designers focus on adding more small detail such as hair, face, finger, etc. to their illustration template.

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And last, after you’re done with the model’s body, it means that you’re ready to go to the next step: designing the clothes. Here, let your creativity are flooding the model’s body illustration. Draw the nice combination of clothes, footwear, and also accessories to be applied on it. Don’t forget to decide the shape, pattern, and color that will be applied. Finally, by doing all of those steps above, you will be able to draw fashion Draw simpler and easier.


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