Fashion History: The Uniqueness of Fashion Journey

Fashion history is not only influenced by a variety of fashion items issued by the famous fashion designer. Fashion is also influenced by the social conditions of the community. Here is the development of fashion from 1920 to 2000.

• 1920
This year, Americans began to enter the era of a more prosperous and become a fashion center for other countries. Fashion style called New Breed Melindrosa or became famous. This dress style combined with heavy makeup accentuates the luxury.

• 1930
This year the United States was depressed economy. The style of dress is also affected by the condition. People turn to more casual clothes like clothes with loose, thick cloth and more closed.

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• 1940
2nd world war caused many factories to manufacture clothes turned into a weapons and materials to make cloth is also used to finance the war so many emerging synthetic product made of nylon. Clothes colors are black, green, and brown like the Navy. Cover the hair on women workers has also become a trend because this year many women who work as laborers so that women combining menswear and women’s clothing to work.

• 1950
After World War 2 ended, the fashion world has re-emerged. Production of clothes becomes more diverse. This year is featuring the fashionable urban style. Pin Up fashion styles worn Merlyn Monroe trend. The fashion style is more formal and slightly open.

• 1960
The year started with technology in the home that can be enjoyed by all people. The invasion led to the fashion style of the technology at the time was filled with a minimalist style with a pattern of lines or dots depicting high technology. At this time, teens start exerting its effects because many teens successful as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs so the style of dress teenagers likes shirts and jeans became popular. In this year also appears anti-government movement called hippie. The style of dress hippies began widely known.

• 1970
This year began appearing disco music so the style of dress that is used is tight shorts, pants komprang, and bare flat shoes.

• 1980
In this year the influence of television and the film begins to be felt. New wave fashion style that uses a pair of jeans and T-shirts began to appear. Rap music so that there is also a style of dress becomes like clothes for fitness.

• 1990
This year, more diverse style of dress and fashion style blends from the previous year such as jeans and loose-fitting clothing.

• 2000
This year is marked with a futuristic style. There is also a gothic style and hipster because of the influence of music and pop culture. In 2000 upward, fashion style is also more comprehensive by integrating a variety of clothing styles in the previous year and developing new fashion style of the famous fashion designer.

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