Fashion Figure Drawing and How To Draw It

Fashion figure drawing is a skill that is very significant for both designer or you who aim to be a designer in the near future. Have skill to draw fashion figure, it eases you to visualize your idea to the real thing. It needs practice to be able to transforms your idea, too, it is recommended that you take courses to draw figure drawing for fashion design. Nevertheless, you can find some information herein to broaden your knowledge about fashion figure. Thing to bear in mind, the body proportion between fashion figure and the real human body figure are different.


To put it more simply, fashion figure drawing is stylized. In case you don’t know, when it comes to draw head for fashion figure drawing, you can choose whether you want to draw it with 7 or 7 1/2 head proportion. As the basic body structure, draw wire frame. To help you to draw the whole proportion, draw additional nine heads then arrange them horizontally. Point the shoulder, hips, feet, hands, ankles, and waist. It still has no proper body proportion, you need to shape each part of it. Drawing long lines to wire frame you previously had can help you to accent the body shape.

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Next, you need to make your fashion figure drawing more real by giving it more detailed touch for each body part like arms, waist, and also hip. You reach to that point, it is your time to erase the wire frame, and you can start to draw leg. Final step, adds more detailed outline for the fashion figure by adding and reducing lines. Tricks for you, if you don’t want to do the same process over and over again, you can reproduce the fashion figure. But if you think that you love to idea to design your ideas from scratch as you want to develop your skill in drawing, please do.

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