How To Do Fashion Design Sketches

Before the fabric was cut out, the detailed-ideas about clothes are already expressed in a drawing, or commonly called fashion design sketches. From these sketches, we can find some things such as the information about design, color, ornament, size, and others. Further, from this design we can also decide what materials will be perfect for this kind of clothing. With all these importance, we can say that this design sketches is something important for the fashion business player. However, unfortunately, making these sketches isn’t something easy, especially for the one who’s still new in this industry. And if you are one of them, here is the explanation to help you doing it well.

In creating fashion sketch, the first thing you need to do is making preparation. Here, you need to gather all of the materials that will be needed during the designing process. So, begin it with choosing several types of pencil with different functionality such as sketchy marks for ease clean-up, and hard lead for lighter weight. After that, prepare the paper to draw the design. And for the better result, don’t indent the paper if you don’t want the coloring process running well without the disturbing indent mark on it. Moreover, you will also need colored markers, eraser, and ink to make illustration on your design.

Then, after all of the preparations of creating sketch designs are done, you can start to make the croquis. In making it, firstly you need to make several lines and shape that will definitely be very useful. Draw the vertical line as axis. Then, continue with making round as its head’s basic shape, and square on where the pelvic area is naturally positioned. Next, draw the torso, shoulders, and other essential body lines to create the realistic impression. And as final touch, you can add some details on the face, finger, or hair of the croquis to make it more attractive.

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After the croquis is finished, you can step to the next phase which is drawing the design. Pick some reference from the outside, and then apply it into your design. And to create the best result, draw it carefully by considering some details such as cutting, sewing, folding, etc. Moreover, decide the best color combination to be applied in your design as well as the matching footwear and accessories for it. However, combined with the continuous training, the step of creating fashion designs above will be very beneficial in developing you skill in fashion designing.

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