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Apparel design by many people is seen as the same definition as fashion design. Apparel basically is the process from the scratching, designing, drawing, and the making process, while fashion is the art of application of design and aesthetic in clothing and accessories. So both have pretty much the same field but in some ways also different. Talking about apparel and fashion, we cannot leave the fact that there are many apparels and fashion showcasing that happens in biggest fashion cities in the world, like Paris, Milan, London, and many others. We cannot deny that the chosen of those cities are basically because many designers and trend of world fashion comes from these cities. What are those cities or countries and how the influence the fashion trend?

French fashion. Apparel design from the number one world’s fashion city is known to be the legacy of chic, stylish, simple, but sophisticated and smart. Combining the whole clothing with accessories points out the style of Parisian, as the everyday fashion runaway of the City of Lights, is something easy but not everyone can do. As simply as combining chinos with pullover and suitcase, Parisian guy has what it takes to make daily wear clothes to be world trend, and what is the best about it? Not only the woman who stands out, but guy, even the one considered as nerd, knows what to wear and how to mix match. Still asking why it is French to lead fashion?

Italian fashion. Milan and Florence are known very well as the place they produce world class couturier yet the older couturiers came from Rome, it doesn’t change the naming of Milan and Florence as the capital of Italian arts of fashion. The apparel design in Italy is inspired by the richness of country in term of tourism, food, history, and also culture. What it comes after is the designs that points out the elegance and glamorous, but still casual.

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